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About ePARA Inc.

ePARA supports people with disabilities to participate in society in their own way and with fulfillment through e-sports.
As part of its support activities, ePARA operates a media outlet to carry news about barrier-free e-sports, and organizes barrier-free e-sports tournaments.

Business content

  • e-Sports event business

    We plan, operate and support barrier-free e-sports events, both online and offline.
    We propose and implement the ways to manage these events to make them enjoyable for as many people as possible by incorporating the perspectives of people with disabilities. This includes improving the accessibility of events and taking information security into consideration. Calling ourselves barrier-free e-sports pioneers, we are aggressively propelling our unique projects such as providing training programs to e-sports aathletes with disabilities and introducing them to professional teams.

  • Employment agent business for persons with disabilities

    We provide employment support and employment continuation support mainly for persons with disabilities.
    We hold employment support events such as “ePARA VR Job Hunting Festival”, as well as introducing human resources who have proved their skills in e-sports events and media management that we are involved in. In addition, we aim to improve the retention rate and seek for an employment form in which both employees and employers can move ahead by firmly supporting the continuation of employment instead of just getting them being hired.

  • Web marketing business

    We support web content planning, research, analysis, design, production, development, operation and more for our clients.
    We formulate data-driven SEO measures and Web tactics based on the results of Web analysis. We can also take charge of content production work including site construction, writing, and video production. We aim to maximize the results driven by Web content while staying close to the issues and challenges of our clients.

  • Media management business

    We share how people with disabilities are involved in a game and how they play it, and how barrier-free e-sports are engaging.
    We also eagerly interview individuals and groups who are active in various fields of e-sports, and spread information on barrier-free e-sports from our unique perspective different from the existing media.

  • Coaching business

    We provide mental coaching by coaches who are competent in each subject area. We also provide coaching by game title.
    We strive to ensure quality by appointing professional athletes as mental coaches; for game coaches, we appoint people who have participated in international competitions for each title. We are also actively developing coaches so that we can maximally improve players’ skills through appropriate coaching.


Daiki Kato

CEO of ePARA Inc. / Director of NPO Citizens Guardianship Support Association

Born in 1981 in Nishikasugai District, Aichi Prefecture (currently Kitanagoya City).

Graduated from Tokai High School; Chuo University Faculty of Law, Department of Law; Hosei University Law School, Graduate School of Law.

After quitting working as a court clerk (national civil servant), Daiki joined a social welfare corporation Shinagawa Ward Council of Social Welfare.

While working for the Council , he teamed up with friends he met in the welfare industry and planned  an e-sports tournament for people with disabilities. Then he established “ePARA Inc.”

Special Partner

Bewith, Inc.
Sycom Co., Ltd.


Professional eSports Team REJECT
Joshin Co., Ltd.
Shiodome Partners Group
Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation SODATEAGE NET
ELAN Co., Ltd.
manaby Co., Ltd.
General Incorporated Association Dr.GAMES


Company nameePARA Inc.
Date of EstablishmentNovember 29, 2016
Capitalization14.7 million Yen (as of December 1, 2021)
Head Office14-8, Shimomae 1-chome, Toda City, Saitama 335-0016 Japan
TEL +81 03-4400-2855
Representative DirectorsDaiki Kato (President and CEO)


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