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ePARA publishes an article featuring blind gamers’ meeting with BlindWarriorSven

ePARA United cooperates on running hands-on e-sport workshop in an event hosted by Suginami Ward, Tokyo

ePARA cooperates on running hands-on e-sport workshop for people with disabilities in “Welfare Innovation Forum 2024” hosted by Kawasaki City

ePARA United takes part in “BMI Brainpic 2024” hosted by Junichi Ushiba Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

ePARA runs a booth at Tokyo Shogaisha Matching Ouen Festa (a job fair for people with disabilities) held in Tokyo Big Sight

ePARA receives commemorative shield from the Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike for Social Firm certification

ePARA cooperates on “Kokoro no Barrier-Free 2023” (Barrier-Free of the Heart 2023), an event held by Ebina City. Read related article on The Nikkei digital edition (published 10.Feb.2024) here

NHK’s news program “News LIVE! Yu Goji” features ePARA, titling “changing the society with ‘esports for people with disabilities’”

The Asahi Shimbun (national edition) features our employee Misato Egashira. Read the article on Asahi Shimbun Digital here

ePARA holds “SHINGAN PARTY powered by JEXER”, an event to play fighting game without using visual information

NHK’s news program “Ohayo Nippon” features ePARA’s activities

One of our employees speaks at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s pre-launch trial event for media featuring its Access controller for PS5

ePARA participates in the 50th International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition – H.C.R. 2023 & Forum – to run workshops and more

ePARA holds barrier-free fighting game event “HACHIMANTAI 8 FIGHTS” in Hachimantai, Iwate

ePARA’s “Cross the Border – SEASON2” project participates in “Mobility for ALL” category of Toyota Mobility Foundation’s idea contest (see movie)

ePARA cooperates on Kawasaki Frontale’s special event “FOOTBALL TOGETHER Powered by eFootball™” as part of its 2023 fan festival (see article in Sportsnavi)

Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle releases “Good Game”, a documentary film featuring ePARA.

JR East Start UP Co.,Ltd. adopts ePARA to its Partnership Program

Street Fighter 6 with improved sound accessibility designed with ePARA Inc. to launch June 2

Eleven-a-Side e-Soccer Stadium—wheelchair e-football team ePARA United creates a “new landscape” with J.League’s Kawasaki Frontale footballer Yu Kobayashi
Movie:【Frontale × ePARA】Smiles for all with e-sports

Our project “Cross the Border—SEASON 2” selected as one of 2022 finalists in “Mobility for ALL” category of Toyota Mobility Foundation’s idea contest

ePARA supports BMI Brainpic 2022 (organized by Internet of Brains and Junichi Ushiba Laboratory [Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University]) and two of our players participate in games

ePARA employee Naoya appears on NHK BS1’s documentary program

Our activities have been reported via AFP News Agency in 4 languages.

Our “Cross the Border” Project passes initial selection round of “Mobility for ALL” category in Toyota Mobility Foundation’s idea contest

Event Information :ePARA CARNIVAL 2022 SPRING(e-Sports Day)

Event Information : ePARA CARNIVAL 2022 SPRING(Media Day)

Crowdfunding campaign launched to support “ePARA CARNIVAL”

ePARA announces its hosting of barrier-free e-sport festival “ePARA CARNIVAL 2022 SPRING”

Event Information : Shingan CUP powered by SYCOM【STREET FIGHTER V CHAMPION EDITION】
*Shingan Cup is a fighing game competition for blind eSports players.
For more Information

Event Information: Barrier-Free e-Sport Project—Connecting People’s Hearts (co-organized by Heart, a clan focused on Fortnite, and ePARA)

What makes ePARA a unique employment support agent for people with disabilities? —Interview with Mr. Masahiko Ito of Bewith, Inc.

Event Information: “Barrier-Free e-Sport ePARA2021,” an online event to solve and realize “challenges and hopes” of employment of people with disabilities

Sycom Co., Ltd. starts to support e-sport players with disabilities, including provision of gaming PCs, driving their social participation through e-sport

ePARA achieves its campaign goal in 9 minutes on equity crowdfunding platform FUNDINNO, taking only 39 minutes to reach the funding limit

ePARA celebrates the opening of barrier-free e-sport cafe “Any%CAFE”

Crowdfunding goal achieved, aiming at creating e-sport cafe named “Any%CAFE” where people break barriers of geography, age, gender and disabilities

Event Information: “ePARA VR/Teleworking Job Hunting Festival,” a VR-powered job fair for people with disabilities

ePARA Inc. publishes its corporate site

About ePARA Inc.

ePARA supports people with disabilities to participate in society in their own way and with fulfillment through e-sports.

As part of its support activities, ePARA operates a media outlet to carry news about barrier-free e-sports, and organizes barrier-free e-sports tournaments.

What we do

Barrier-free e-sports business

We plan, organize and support “barrier-free e-sports”, both online and offline.*1

Embracing the perspectives of people with disabilities, we propose and carry out the ways to organize events that enables more people to enjoy themselves. This includes improving physical and informational accessibility. We also provide live broadcasting of these events.


Events hosted by ePARA:

Festival of disabilities×gaming “ePARA CARNIVAL 2022 SPRING”

  • Fighting game competition without use of visual information “Shingan CUP powered by SYCOM”
  • “Eleven-a-Side e-Soccer Stadium” where wheelchair e-soccer players show vigorous performance

and more

Commissioned events:
  • FORTNITE online competition “e-Sport Festival―Grab the Victory Royale” (Junior Chamber International Kokubunji)
  • TODA e-Sport Competition (TODA CORPORATION Workers Union)
  • “SD Game Fest 2022” (Certified Specified Nonprofit Organization Sodateage Net)

and more

Lectures and presentations:
  • Kumamoto eSports Conference (Kumamoto-Jo Hall Opening Commemoration Project Committee)
  • Session “Getting started with para e-sports” (Fukui Prefecture)
  • “Tokyo eSports Festa 2023” Business Session (Tokyo eSport Festa Executive Committee)

and more

Employment support for people with disabilities

We help people with disabilities to bring out their full potential in working. They will be commissioned or employed to take part in various jobs related to our “barrier-free e-sports business” mentioned above. We also work with external welfare centers to co-create programs aimed for employment of people with disabilities.


  • Selected as “Tokyo Social Firm” preliminarily certified company (Tokyo Foundation for Employment Services)
  • Entered into the employment agreement with NAOYA, a congenitally totally blind e-sport player
  • Entered into the employment agreement with Jeni, a fighting game player with severe physical disability
  • Supporting activities of Barrier-Free Project Team “Fortia”

and more

Demonstrative Experiments and Co-creation/R&D Support

We work with companies, universities, research institutes and local governments to conduct experimental verifications designed to create a society where people with disabilities can shine as they are. We also evolve the results from these experiments to co-create diverse services or products and to provide support to research and development.


Demonstrative experiments:
  • “Cross the Border” SEASON 1—seeking for the potential of mobility in the journey created by a community of people with disabilities (Toyota Mobility Foundation “Make a Move PROJECT”)
  • “Cross the Border” SEASON 2—creating the world where everyone can be a racer with e-sports (Toyota Mobility Foundation “Make a Move PROJECT”)
Co-creation/R&D Support:
  • BMI Brainpic 2022 by Internet of Brains (Junichi Ushiba Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University)


Daiki Kato

CEO of ePARA Inc. / Director of NPO Citizens Guardianship Support Association

Born in 1981 in Nishikasugai District, Aichi Prefecture (currently Kitanagoya City).

Graduated from Tokai High School; Chuo University Faculty of Law, Department of Law; Hosei University Law School, Graduate School of Law.

After quitting working as a court clerk (national civil servant), Daiki joined a social welfare corporation Shinagawa Ward Council of Social Welfare.

While working for the Council , he teamed up with friends he met in the welfare industry and planned  an e-sports tournament for people with disabilities. Then he established “ePARA Inc.”

Special Partner

Bewith, Inc.
Sycom Co., Ltd.


Professional eSports Team REJECT
Joshin Co., Ltd.
Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation SODATEAGE NET
ELAN Co., Ltd.
manaby Co., Ltd.
General Incorporated Association Dr.GAMES
Japan Energy Food


Company nameePARA Inc.
Date of EstablishmentNovember 29, 2016
Capitalization14.7 million Yen (as of December 1, 2021)
Head Office14-8, Shimomae 1-chome, Toda City, Saitama 335-0016 Japan
TEL +81 03-4400-2855
Representative DirectorsDaiki Kato (President and CEO)


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